Lake Forest, California 1 comment
Not resolved

I am here just would like to tell everybody the great website that I ever met. that is

The website has many items that I need, which can't find from somewhere else. Everything has two sides, so does trust. They send me goods in time even sometimes I paid my payment next time. Of course, not all the payment, just a little, but they won't hold my parcel because of those fees.


Regarding of this, I will continue to give them my orders in the future. No matter who says, but I know they are the seller that I can trust!

Review about: Positive Experience.



What a cheater, could you show the order you had received?

Bergamo, Lombardy 1 comment
Not resolved, my favorite online store. as a reseller in Italian, they offer me great support in my business from the very beginning I purchased from them, best quality, best price than other websites I can get with gifts to every order, and fast shipment via DHL.

they also have one CS as my account manager! from 2 years shopping experience with them, I love their service and products, I will definitely order from them again and won't change my supplier., I believe its business is the same to everyone. you can trust them like I do.


#336820 Handbags good quality, I like

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